Tuesday, December 31, 2013

new year's eve outfit ideas for every occasion

There are so many different ways to spend New Year’s Eve night, all of which require a variety of dress codes. From inviting friends and family over to watch the ball drop on TV to dancing the night away at a NYE bash and counting down to midnight, you can incorporate some serious statement into any look. 

The first outfit choice for NYE that pops into my mind is anything covered in silver sequins. Cliche, I know… but they are pretty much quintessential for this particular holiday. Here are my favorite ways to rock some serious sequins for any type of occasion!

Casual Night In/Out:
Seeing as my wardrobe consists of items in mostly solid colors and some statement jewelry, sequins are not a pattern that I frequently incorporate into my everyday style. I've always thought of them as slightly gaudy and uncomfortable to wear on a day-to-day basis, but seeing them styled casually (through Pinterest ;) has changed my mind.

This red sequined tank from J.Crew proves to be the focal point of the outfit. What I love about J.Crew's sequins is how they lay upon wear; they remain flat throughout the night and don't scratch or poke your skin while moving around. The navy cardigan or blazer (whichever you prefer), neutral shoes, and gold accessories really complement the main feature, as well as tone down the dressy nature of sequins to a much more wearable look.

Dressy Evening:
New Year's Eve is most definitely the night to go a little crazy with the bling ;). But, it's important to remember that just because it is a holiday, that is not a free pass to wear bedazzled everything! Go for a sequined dress and simple shoes/accessories or a solid colored dress with bold shoes OR accessories (this can be broken if carefully styled!). 

As I said before, I think that sequins can be a little gaudy if overdone. So, I love that this dress from Modcloth has a panel of black sequins, which give the dress a more elegant aesthetic. The Kate Spade pearl set with gold bows (SO CUTE <3), the black patent t-strap heels, and the black sequined clutch all emphasize the classic and feminine appeal of this outfit.

What are your plans (and more importantly wearing) for NYE? Let me know in the comments! Thanks so much for reading, and have a great day!


  1. I love these outfits! Happy New Year!


  2. Love the outfits! Especially the Dressy one! But the top blazer is a great edition to any closet!


    1. Thank you; I agree! Definitely craving the J.Crew schoolboy blazer! :)

  3. Hi! I've just discovered your blog!

    I love the dressy outfit. The little gold touches are perfect!

    XX Gaga from http://preppy-navy.blogspot.com