Sunday, December 8, 2013

how to: wear eye makeup with glasses

Four eyes. Specks. Google-eyed. If you wear glasses, you've probably heard any or all of those nicknames at some point in your life. Whether they were meant jokingly or not, here's your chance to prove how you can rock glasses any day using these tips to coordinate them with your eye makeup!

Before we get specific, here are some general tips for all glasses-wearers:

1. Define Your Brows
Defined brows are a key element of making your glasses really pop. The eyebrows provide a frame for your frames (see what I did there ;) and can really affect how pulled together your face appears. Filling them in lightly with a brow powder, like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo (currently on a great deal!), is the best and most natural option. Using brow powder allows you much more control over the amount of product (and the resulting intensity of color) being applied.

*Quick Tip: For brunettes, pick a brow powder that is 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color. For blondes, choose a shade that is 1-2 shades darker than your hair color. This will ensure the best match!

2. Use Highlighting to Your Advantage
By adding a cream or champagne shimmery shade right below your eyebrows, they will appear so much more prominent and defined looking on your face. My favorite highlighting shade is 'Bootycall' from the Naked 2 palette.

3. Get Rid of Under-Eye Shadows
Glasses' frames and lenses can cast shadows down your face, particularly under your eyes. Make sure to use a brightening under-eye concealer, like the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer Pen, to make sure everything is flawless and radiant. That being said, make sure that you don't add too much concealer because the lenses will magnify everything, and make it look extra cakey.

Now, for the specifics:

First, put on your glasses, and look in the mirror. Do your glasses have thick frames or thin ones? Are they circular, or are they more angular? What color are the frames? These will all affect the shape and style of the eye look that will best suit you.

Thick Frames: 

-Look good with neutral or smokey eyes (choose shadows that work with the frame color!)
-Use a thin swipe of eyeliner to avoid it blending with glasses' frames.
-Super polished brows look killer with these frames.
-Keep the rest of the face even and neutral when rocking thick-framed glasses.
-Look fabulous with a bold lip color.

Thin Frames: 

-Look best with neutral eye makeup, as to not overwhelm the delicate-looking frames.
-Again, thin eyeliner is the way to go with this look!
-Playing up your blush while wearing thin frames gives you a more innocent and youthful look.
-As with thick frames, wearing a bold lip color with your slender glasses help balance the look a bit.

I hope that this post was helpful to all of your glasses-wearers out there, like myself! Please let me know what you think in the comments below, as well as what type/brand of glasses are your favorites! Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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  1. Thanks for all these great tips! I am definitely going to invest in the Lumi Touch concealer pen!