Thursday, December 12, 2013

easy and budget-friendly holiday gifts: for your gal pals!

During the holiday season, life gets especially hectic. I don't have the time or money to go out and pick a custom and expensive gift for everyone on my list. This is the beginning of a series of innovative and inexpensive holidays gifts and treats to surprise everyone from your girlfriends to little brother to professors and co-workers to Great Aunt Gertrude with :) Today, we're going to focus on a couple of fun ideas just for the ladies!

For the Girls:

1. Mini Candles

   Last year, I bought some of the mini Bath and Body Works candles for holiday gifts for all of my gal pals. During the holiday season, B&BW has great deals on many of their products, especially the candles! Right now, they're on sale for 2 for $5 and 3 for $10. I really enjoyed selecting a specific scent that I hoped knew they would love!

   To put a personal twist on this gift idea, I used some excess fabric from re-covering the chaise in my bedroom to wrap around each one in a bow. This gift is a great option, if you have many friends on your list and not enough cash in your pocket. Plus, your friends will think of you every time they burn their yummy-smelling candle!

P.S. My current fave is 'Vanilla Bean Noel'!

2. Pampering Spa Goodies Basket

   If you're a girl with a few very special friends on her list, a fabulous gift idea is to wrap a collection of fun products that will ensure a night of giggles and relaxation.

   A great place to start is at the drugstore. You can get so many coupons online and in stores at places, like CVS and Rite Aid. Check out Tati, or GlamLifeGuru on YouTube, for the right way to utilize coupons and shop the drugstore like a pro. I find her shopping tips super helpful!

   Essential items to include in the basket of goodies are a clarifying face mask, a deep conditioning hair mask, some pore strips, fun and festive nail polish colors, and your fave chocolate (of course! ;)

   This gift so fun to give and receive! It will remind your friend of you and the fun times you've shared, as well as create new ones when you have spa nights at each other's houses.  

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3. Customized M&M's

Another super fun gift idea for your friends is to design a bag of customized M&M's to share with everyone! While this gift is worth a little more moola, but it is such a fun and unique idea! You can choose the color scheme, images, and text that appear on the face of the M&M's, as well as the container in which they are stored and displayed.

This a perfect solution for any social butterfly who feels the need to give a gift to everyone, as to avoid hurting someone's feelings (ahem, me…). Just make the message and pictures universally applicable to all your friends. Because this gift is a bit pricier, you can get a great deal by ordering the bulk pack and sorting them out into little gift bags for each of your friends. This allows you to tailor the gift of M&M's to the number of people you want to treat this year without breaking bank!

I have personally received this gift in the past and loved it! It made me think of my fabulous friend every time I opened the bag to sneak a treat (which was very often :). It's such a fun and quirky gift to give, and it leaves the recipient with a yummy treat that lasts a very long time!

P.S. This gift becomes even funnier when you see your friends' and family's heads on the M&M's! I enjoyed those M&M's the most!!

Thanks so much for checking out this holiday gift guide for your gal pals! There will be more up in the future, so keep checking back for more holiday fun. Let me know what you are giving your friends for Christmas in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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  1. great gift ideas, Bath and Body Works candles are seriously the best!