Wednesday, December 4, 2013

a natural beauty

"No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful."  -Eleanor Roosevelt

I need an iPhone reminder with this quote like 25 times a day. Today, many women base their own self worth on their physical appearance, and we need to remember that we are so much more than our dress size, that big zit on our foreheads, or the muffin top poking over our jeans. Today, I wanted to show you the type of makeup look that I wear on a daily basis: au natural (or as close as you can get with makeup :). I think it's very important to utilize makeup in a way that will enhance your own facial features, instead of masking your face to paint on another one. The goal of this look is to bring attention to you glowing, healthy skin and your bright and shining eyes. So, without further ado, here's my natural makeup look: 

I go through phases where I like really perfected and flawless makeup looks, and then times where I swoon over naturally enhanced stunners as well. Here are some of my recent favorites via Pinterest (by the way, follow my on Pinterest at Poised and Preppy!).

How to achieve the best "no makeup" makeup look:

1. Use a thin base of tinted moisturizer or powder foundation on your face just where you need coverage. For me, that's in my T-Zone and under my eyes.

2. Apply a peachy or rosy blush color (whichever suits your complexion the best) NOT to the apples of your cheeks. I repeat, not on the apples of your cheeks. A person does not naturally blush on the tops of their cheeks; the natural flush appears more in the middle of your cheek just under the cheekbone. Just tap your blush there and sweep it backwards for a bit of natural-looking contouring.

**Optional step: Adding a swipe of of a gold or rosy-toned highlighter on the top of your cheekbone brings the youthful glow back into your skin and makes you look like you've been drinking enough water and sleeping enough ;)

3. Lightly fill in your eyebrows. I like to use an eyeshadow because I think it gives a more natural looking effect, but using an eyebrow pencil with a light hand is fine. Eyebrow shape can truly change your face, so make sure to follow the natural arch of your brow to keep this makeup look minimal.

3. Apply a shimmery, champagne shadow to the inner corners of your eyes. The trick is to make sure that the shadow is not too frosty looking, which would defeat the purpose of "natural." The goal is to bring the focus to your eyes, while making them look wider and brighter.

4. Lastly, whip out your good ol' mascara. I can't not put on mascara… it's an addiction! I use my regular black mascara for this step, but to make it even more natural, you could opt for a mascara with a brown tint.

*Any of these steps are optional. Don't feel like you haaave to do this, if you don't think it makes you look your most beautiful.

TA-DA! You're finished!

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