Wednesday, January 15, 2014

this or that tag!

Hey, y'all! Today, I'm going to be doing something a little different. There is a tag that has been going around through the YouTube beauty/fashion gurus called the 'This or That Tag: Beauty/Fashion Edition.' I really loved hearing the answers to these relatively simple questions because it gave me some insight into that guru's personality. I'm hoping that you will get to know me a little better today, and let me know in the comments if you would like to see another Q & A type post and if so, which one. Here we go!


Blush or bronzer? Blush all the way! I think that it gives a more natural looking contour to my peaches and             cream complexion.
Lip gloss or lipstick? In the spring/summer, I like lip gloss because it requires no fuss and is easy to reapply. However, in the fall and winter, I get more inspired to get creative with my makeup and often try a bold lip, which I love to do! 
Eye liner or mascara? Mascara for sure! I loooove the way mascara can open up and brighten your eyes and basically give the 'push-up bra effect' to your eyelashes. Plus, my eyes are pretty small, so eyeliner just shrinks them even more.
Foundation or concealer? Concealer because I'd rather be able to spot-conceal than mask my entire face!
Neutral or color eye shadow? Can I say Naked (1,2, and 3)?
Pressed or loose eye shadows? Definitely pressed because I find loose shadows to be unnecessarily difficult to use.
Brushes or sponges? I have always used brushes, especially now that I have a powder foundation, but in the future, I'd love to try sponges to apply my liquid foundation because I've heard the coverage is ah-mazing!

OPI or china glaze? Essie, anyone?!
Long or short? My nails grow like crazy, and I'm lazy, so long nails sounds good to me (at least until I need to impress someone special...;).
Acrylic or natural? Au natural is the way to go!
Brights or darks? I love all of the bright colors, but I always end up going for a dusty rose pink or dark red/purple, so that's an ambiguous answer...
Flower or no flower? NO.FLOWER.

Jeans or sweat pants? Umm, leggings? (Is the term 'common white girl' flashing in your head yet? ;)
Long sleeve of short? Long sleeved shirts are the best in my book because I get verrry chilly pretty much anywhere and everywhere.
Dresses or skirts? Ball gowns? But, honestly, I would wear dresses and/or gowns everyday if I could!!!
Stripes or plaid? Oooh, this is a hard one. I have a lot more striped items in my wardrobe, but I've had a serious crush on tartan plaid for the duration of fall and winter, so I'll have to go with (tartan) plaid for now!
Flip flops or sandals? Sandals because they are wayyy cuter than flips and inject style into those spring and summer outfits!
Scarves or hats? Scarves!! I love love love scarves,  and I seriously wish that Pinning a scarf meant adding it to my closet!!
Studs or dangly earrings? Stud muffins ;)
Heels or flats? Ballet flats are an eternal favorite. I love the way they can make any outfit dainty. feminine, and classically chic.
Cowboy boots or riding boots? I have to go with riding boots on this one because I personally love the sleek appearance that riding boots can offer.
Jacket or hoodie? Vests please!! The J.Crew excursion vests, Old Navy quilted vests, and Patagonia fleece and furry vests are the perfect addition to spruce up a cold-weather outfit.
J.Crew or Lilly Pulitzer? J.Crew because they have classic pieces that I will continue to wear throughout the rest of my life, as well as more modern preppy pieces with a trendy spin, which I love 99.99999% of the time!
Tory Burch or Kate Spade? Though I'm lusting after a pair of TB flats, I have to go with Kate Spade on this one because their stuff is just so gosh darn cute (scrolling through their new arrivals literally melts my heart!).
Saks 5th or Nordstrom? I'll always be a Nordie's girl at heart!

Curly or straight? Back to the whole lazy thing, I almost always wear my hair straight because that's it's natural texture. However, I love the way naturally curly hair can be styled as well. It really depends on the person as to which style and texture I prefer.
Bun or ponytail? I think buns, messy and neat, give an overall chicer appearance to anyone's look, while ponytails can look sloppy at times.
Bobby pins or butterfly clips? Neither hold up this head of hair! :(
Hair spray or gel? Hair spray (?)

Long or short? (On me) Long because I can play with it in class (guilty confession... anyone else?)!

Light or dark? (On me) When I'm out in the sun frequently,  my hair turns my favorite shade of dark golden blonde, which I would prefer year-round!
Side sweep bangs or full bangs? (On me) I could never pull of full-on bangs, so side-swept bangs it is.
Up or down? (On me) My hair looks better in a style where my hair is down than up!

Rain or shine? SUNSHINE!!!!!
Summer or Winter? Summer because that means a break from responsibility (for a little while!). Plus, frequenting to the beach every weekend is nice too!
Fall or Spring? Fall is my favorite season because of the crisp air and vibrant leaves!
Chocolate or Vanilla Vanilla all the way!
East coast or West coast? I'm a tried-and-true East Coast girl!


Wow, that was a lot of questions! If you made it to the end, congratulations :)! Please let me know if you like these type of posts in the comments below! Thanks so much for reading, and have a great day!


  1. Love this post! I've seen a few of them around lately and they are so adorable!


    1. Thanks! I had the same thought when I decided to do it. The questions were so fun! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, thanks! I really enjoyed doing this post! :)

  3. Been loving your posts! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog for more details on it!