Wednesday, January 8, 2014

makin' a statement

Hey, everybody! I hope that you all have been able to survive the sluggish return to reality that happened on Monday... I'm still recovering. To top that off, we have had record low temps of 14 degrees here in my little town over these past few days. Now, I know some of you northern ladies deal with this every day, and believe me, I feel ya!! 

To keep from freezing from head to toe, I've been adding a few extra layers here and there to keep me snug as a bug in a rug :). As you can tell from my recent #ootd pictures (follow me on Instagram, @poisedandpreppy, to see more!), I have a minor love obsession for the combo of camel and pink. I just love the way they blend together and can make any outfit look warm and chic. 

For starters, how sassy are these hot pink pants?! They command attention from everyone you meet and make you an instant icon ;). And paired with this camel turtleneck, they're hard to beat! To spruce it up even more, I also threw on a leopard print scarf to add some pattern (and snuggle factor!) to the outfit. Lastly, I added my regular jewels and this fabulous pair of black suede pumps. Does anyone else have a hard time walking in those teeny tiny heels? Well, maybe I'm just a klutz :), but I am really loving the thick heel trend because they give me a little more leverage while attempting not to wipe out.

camel + pink 
my lovely dancing' shoes                                              
le details up close 
um, you can't sit with us... like sorry...
 hands on your hips!

turtleneck sweater: H&M (love this one)
hot pink jeans: Target (love these!)
black pumps: Isola
bracelets: J.Crew Factory, local boutique
leopard scarf: J.Crew Factory (sold out!)

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments section! Also, I've been working to post/pin regularly, so if you don't already, go follow me on Instagram (@poisedandpreppy) and on Pinterest (Poised and Preppy). Thanks so much for reading, and have a great day!


  1. Love wearing bright colors in the cold instead of the usual browns, grays, and blacks. I've been dying in this cold over the last few days and our lows didn't even get to 14 ABOVE freezing! I'm a baby southerner when it comes to cold though. :)

    1. Bright colors have been my savior in these last few weeks of gray and cold! I completely agree! :)

  2. Love the camel and hot pink color mix!


    1. Thanks; me too! It's been one of my favorites so far this year!