Saturday, February 1, 2014

Blogger Breakfast in Bed!

Hey, you guys! Long time, no see... I don't know if you heard, but here in NC, we had a major snow storm (for us anyways ;). For the past few days, I've been building snowmen, sledding down any hills I could find, and playing fetch with my dogs using snowballs in the front yard. It's been so fun to have a few days off of school to have some rest and relaxation. But, I'm back today to be a part of an exciting collaboration among a multitude of bloggers called Blogger Breakfast in Bed. This idea was initiated by Dorothy at Prep in Your Step (she has a fabulous blog, by the way!!), and its primary goal is to allow lots of bloggers to network with one another while sharing their own tips for the perfect Saturday morning! I fell in love with the idea and am so honored to be a part of it! So, without further ado, here are the questions!

What is the first thing you do on a lazy Saturday morning?

On a typical Saturday morning, I would sleep in until 9:30 to 10 AM just because I can :). Then, I would go round up the rest of mi familia (we all have strange sleeping hours...) to make a breakfast feast.  After we've prepared the meal, we like to have "family time" by collectively watching either a) Duck Dynasty (the boys' first choice) or b) Downton Abbey (the girls' first choice) while we chow down! It's really just a contest of who can grab the remote first, as to what show we choose to watch ;).

What would your ideal breakfast be, don't forget the coffee?!

Our personal favorites include either chocolate chip pancakes, cinnamon rolls, or big ol' buttery biscuits, always paired with sides of bacon, eggs, and sausage. Yum, yum! During the winter, I also love to add a mug of steaming hot chocolate, instead of coffee (me + caffeine + early mornings = baaaaaad combo!). 

If you could have woken up this morning and been anywhere, where would it be?

In keeping with our recent bout of chilly winds and icy snow, I would love to wake up in Colorado. Almost every year, my family travels to a ski resort in Colorado, and I would love love love to be able to go skiing ASAP!

{And just for fun }What is your favorite Instagram filter?

I actually don't use the Instagram filters because I think that they're too harsh on the photo's natural colors and clarity. Most of the time, I just use the iPhoto app on my computer!

. . .

A special thank-you goes out  to Dorothy for organizing this fun event! Check out her blog, Prep in Your Step. Thanks so much for reading this blog post, and I hope you have a fabulous day!


  1. I love your pajamas! I participated in #blogbreakfastinbed as well!

    1. Oh, thank you! This event was too much fun, and I love that we were all able to connect in such a fun and unique way over breakfast in bed! :)

  2. Love! I nominated you for the Liebster Award, please check my blog tomorrow for more info!


    1. I am honored! Thank you so much for your support! :)