Monday, March 17, 2014

spring forward, already!!

Hey, y'all! I'm here today with warm, spring NC weather and one of my favorite outfits to date! This C. Wonder tunic pairs with the navy fluted skirt (so in love!!) and the striped wedges in such a perfect and magical way (okay, I'm getting a wee bit out of control...<3). Therefore, this post is going to be pretty photo heavy (#sorrynotsorry)! 

The combo of this orangey-red (aka the 'scarlet red' crayon color) and navy screams for snacking on scrimps and cocktail sauce while lounging by the pool. All of the gold accents add to the nautical vibes of the outfit. And last but not least, those navy striped, woven wedges could not be more fitting for a summer picnic complete with a fireworks show!

In case you couldn't tell, this magnificent, sunshiny weather has me daydreaming of spring and summer days spent tubing or sun basking on a motorboat or having sunset dinners on the back of a yacht (à la Revenge!). This outfit definitely took some inspiration from the fashionable Ms. Emily Thorne of the Hamptons, but I digress. 

With spring well on its way, I've really been trying to think about the way in which I live my life and if and how I want to change it. Even though I'm technically "doing everything right" when it comes to school work, I want more. I don't want to steamroll through high school, textbook after textbook, without taking time to enjoy being (relatively) carefree while I still can. So, one of my goals this spring is to "blossom" in all areas of my life, besides academics: my family life, my faith, my friends, my service work, etc. I'll keep you guys updated on how everything's going from time to time, but I challenge each of you to find at least one part of your life in which you can culture yourself and blossom into the person you know you can be!

Outfit Details:

Top // C. Wonder (last summer!)
Skirt // J. Crew
Shoes // Target
Clutch // Michael Kors

*Fun Fact: My "clutch" is actually a MK cosmetic bag that came with an Estee Lauder purchase a couple of years back. Reduce, reuse, recycle, people!
 . . .

Thanks so much for taking your time to read this random and jumbled blog post! Let me know in the comments sections a) what your favorite thing about spring is, and b) how are you going to "blossom" in your life during this spring season. I hope each and every one of you has a extra fabulous day! 

*This post is not sponsored by any of the aforementioned brands. I do, however, have a coupon code with Benevolent Jewels (PPCODE20) that will give you 20% off of your purchase!*

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